Friday, March 19, 2010

Crystal File 087: Zoya is saving my summer!


So far I have found the spring and summer collections being released this year to be very disappointing! Anyone who has read my blog or encountered me on Makeupalley, knows that I prefer my polish with some shimmer, or Sparkle if you will. So many of the releases I have seen this year have been either all, or nearly all, creme finish colors, which means I truly haven't had many "Oh my, I must have that!" moment.

At least this was the case until I received the press release information for Zoya's upcoming summer release, the Sparkle collection. As usual, Zoya is presenting two summer collections consisting of six polishes each. In this case, one set of six are all "metallic" (Sparkle), while the other set of six are all bright cremes (Flash).

The Sparkle collection will include Ivanka (mermaid green sparkling metallic), Charla (tropical blue sparkling metallic), Mimi (royal purple sparkling metallic), Alegra (fuchsia pink sparkling metallic), Nidhi (rich red sparkling metallic), and Gilda (fashion pink sparkling metallic). The Flash collection will include Robyn (perfect turquoise cream), Perrie (soft lavender cream), Dana (american rose cream), Jolene (summer pink cream), Maura (electric crimson cream), and Jancyn (soft tangerine cream).

I am hoping that I will have time to post photos of these collections once they are available. I think that Sparkle is going to blow many of the other summer collections out of the water. What do you think?