Monday, July 11, 2011

The Winners Have Been Chosen!

Good afternoon everyone! The three winners of my Zoya giveaway have been selected and notified via email. Congratulations to Spider Girl, Laura, and Heather! I hope I have a chance to host other great giveaways in the future!

Here are a couple of quick shots of my current "nail of the day", Zoya Breezi topped with OPI Sparkle Teal Sunrise (an Ulta exclusive).


and super close up!


I wasn't able to truly capture how beautiful this combination is, I think the bling blinded my camera! In real life the base color is a tiny bit more green than it shows in the pics. As always, have a great day and I hope to "see" you soon!


Laura said...

Thanks again!! I'm so happy!! By any chance, do you know when my prize will come? It's been very hot where I live and I wanted to make sure I'm home so that they won't get damaged.


Laura said...

I got my beauties today!! Despite the extreme heat, they were all in perfect condition! Thanks again!! *runs to paint nails*


Blondenough said...

Thank you so much again! I pretty much immediately did my nails after the polishes arrived in the mail

SwatchAndLearn said...

Ooooh! I love, love, LOVE this layering combination you did! So bubbly and happy! :)
- Mary

Pam's Girly Bits said...

I just died a little! that blue glitter is Da Bomb!!!