Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crystal File 54: China Glaze Romantique, First Installment

So, here's the deal. I'm generally not big into chrome/metallic polishes. Brushstroke marks tend to annoy me greatly, plus they can have an odd consistency. A few of these colors were duds for me for those reasons. I may need to search and see if i can find some tricks to help smooth out the application on metallic colors.

I found the paler colors to be the most difficult to apply without brushstrokes. They also seemed to have a sort of thick, glue-like consistency. In addition to those aspects, all of the colors dry extremely fast, which can make it difficult to "work" the polish to a smoother appearance on the nail.

I'm presenting my pics in order of least favorite (from both an application and color standpoint) to most favorite (better application and color). Please keep in mind these are all "quick-and-dirty" swatches, i used no base or top coat for any of them with the exception of Cherish.













I've enjoyed sharing with all of you! I hope to be able to share the second batch with you soon :)


Pixie said...

Ohhh, thank you for the swatches, they are beautiful. Harmony is my favorite!

tarotbydiana said...

I am really anticipating this collection. I am particularly fond of Cherish. I have nothing like it!

Michelle said...

I love them all Hills :D I can't wait for this collex to hit the etailers!! LOL

Jason said...

Wow, these metallics look very smooth and even to me! I hear you on the brush strokes, but you've done an excellent job on these swatches.
Two hints that I have come across to help with these:
* Find a very fine-bristle artist brush about the same size as the one that comes with the polish. this will provide a very silky and even flow to the polish and help a lot to minimize the brush strokes. Of course, you will have to clean the brush thoroughly when you're done. I actually learned this from an artist and decided to try it with polish - and it works!
* (you probably already know this, but...) use pure acetone (not nail polish remover) to thin out the polish and give it more working time. I use an eye dropper to control the amount to add, usually only 4-5 drops is enough for new polishes, more if it is older and has thickened. Pure Acetone is available at any hardware store.

Thank you for the great pics!

Danielle said...

these im excitd for but just curious wherecan you get them i thought this was the spring collex.

Pinky said...

Love the pics, and to JASON -- never use acetone to thin polish! there is special polish thinner that thins out the consistency, acetone breaks down the polish itself and WILL ruin your nailpolish. So use THINNER =)

Dami said...

hill i love the pictures. i can't wait to get my hands on these.

your font color is a little hard to read against your background, unless it's just my browser. just wanted to let you know <3

melvel said...

Where did you get these? Are they available anywhere yet?

Azucar said...

I quite like them all. Can't wait to see the second set. Thank you!

Hillary said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments! I got lucky in finding these early, a nail supply sold me their samples, which they aren't supposed to do, but i'm not complaining :) At best i think these will be available at etailers in January.

Karman said...

Gorgeous swatches, Hill! I love all of these. If I love all (or most) of the warm ones I'd have to get all of these. I think my fav is the purple one...yum!

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