Friday, March 13, 2009

Crystal File 071: Essie Introduces The North Fork Collection

According to the Essie press release this limited edition collection of three shades were inspired by the "soft hues that floated down this season's runways". The three colors in The North Fork Collection are each named for quaint vacation villages located on Long Island's East End. Essie Weingarten says, "The new nail colors remind me of the most beautiful blues that surround the North Fork" (from the Essie press release).

I just received these three lovely colors this morning and have snapped a few quick photos to share with my readers. Please excuse the rough shape my hands are in, i haven't been kind enough to them lately! Both cremes are pictured over Zoya Get Even base as they are a bit jelly-ish in texture, the ridge filling base helps aid opacity. All polishes are two coats, no top coat.



Misa Dirty Sexy Money compared to Greenport (DSM on index/top, Greenport on thumb/bottom)


Shelter Island (Misa Right Here Now, No More Later on thumb)


My favorite of the collection, although not very flattering on me, is Sag Harbor. A lovely, soft, shimmering, silvery blue, it is opaque at two coats. Photographed with no base or top coat.


The North Fork Collection is limited edition and will be available beginning in April. See anything you need? Let me know which ones you might be stalking :)


Nessa said...

Sag Harbor is my fav out of them too. I think the color looks good on you!

The Asian Girl said...

I love them! Now I want them all...

Rachel said...

I really looove Greenport but I'll probably get them all.

Kat said...

I gave you an award :) Visit PMH to see what to do :)

Lina-Elvira said...

Thanx for comparing Misa DS$ with Grrenport!! I might have to get greenport now :D I nominated you for the Fabulous Blog award, you can see it on my blog :)

Hillary said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the swatches :)

Lina Elvira and Kat, thanks soooo much for your nominations! Now i just need to figure out who i would like to nominate!

Lucy said...

Definitely thanks for the swatches! I love all three colors. But Sag Harbor doesn't look like any others that I have.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Greenport is lovely but it might be too close to OPI's Hey! Get in Lime!

Who am I kidding, those three are as good as mine :P

The Edge of Sanity said...

You have been nominated by The Edge of Sanity that YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS!! To accept the nomination, follow the rules in the linked post, and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Is Sag harbor all that different from OPI's Sheer your Toys?

Thanks for you time,

diann_co said...

I like Sag Harbor as well but it might not like my olive skin tone!!
How does greenport compare to For Audrey?

Hillary said...

LovetheScents: Its very different. Sheer Your Toys has those odd little bronze-y flecks and a very strong lavender tone to it (at least to my eye). The shimmer in Sag harbor is much more fine and it doesn't have any lavender in it.

Diann: FA is a shade or two lighter and more blue. If you look at them side by side Greenport is much more noticeably green :)

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