Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crystal File 001: An Introduction

Hello all, and Welcome!

I decided my blogging premiere should tell you a bit about me and what i hope to accomplish on this page. I'm a stay-at-home-mom of a lovely (and betimes exhausting) two year old son. In the past I've been a fragrance addict, a lipstick-and-gloss addict, and always a devoted fan of all things NAIL POLISH!

I've found that being a SAHM often means taking very little time for oneself. I no longer wear much makeup, usually a bit of lip color and mascara (if I'm lucky!!). I simply don't have the time, and i don't feel the need for it. Likewise, my passion for fragrance has fallen by the wayside. I often go days without grabbing for a bottle of perfume, i find that I'm much more sensitive to scents than i was before the birth of my son.

So my life is very un-glamorous. How exciting! So why, you may ask, am i joining the leagues of beauty bloggers everywhere? The answer is simple: Every woman needs to feel beautiful. I find that giving myself a mani or pedi with a gorgeous color does a great deal to lift my self-esteem. While i may not have the time or inclination to put on make-up every morning, or carefully style my hair (i generally sport a ponytail), or spend a lot of time shopping for trendy clothes, i can ALWAYS find time to do my nails. And having beautiful, healthy nails gives me a great deal of confidence.

And what do i hope to accomplish with The Crystal Files? (I'm a huge X-Files fan, thus the name) I hope that by giving you my uncensored opinion on all things nail related, i may help you find new colors, products, and techniques that you'll love and find useful. So my goal is really very simple. I'm here to share my love of gorgeous nail color, and fabulous hand-and-nail care products. Hopefully you'll find some useful information mixed in there!

Thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoy my future files!


Anonymous said...

Your first post! YAY!
I am the same way about makeup. I use to wear much more and buy TONS more.
Now it is about a simple routine. My mani time is my me time. I enjoy it much more than makeup.
Oddly I wore more makeup when my son was younger. I think with age I realized all those colors are just silly looking on me.

Michelle said...

Yay!! Kinda funny how i had to learn you'd actually started your blog from Stephanie's blog ;^) It's looking awesome already! And i'm the same w/ makeup... i usually do all my thesis work from home and mostly get out to go workout so not much fussing about ;^) But nails... well you know the deal!

fiftycenthead said...

WELCOME to the blogosphere! I love everything you've written so far, and have added you to my Google Reader so I don't miss a word (or swatch!).


Scrangie said...

"The Crystal Files"!!!! LOVE IT! How awesome :)

(Linking you, hope you don't mind!)