Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crystl File 65: NOTD Color Club Revvvolution

I have to say, Color Club may have created the perfect dark grey holo! Unlike some holo polishes i've tried in the past this polish isn't overly sheer, and has no application issues. It was almost completely opaque with just one coat, my manicure photos are with two coats as i am an habitual two-coater.





This polish, as with many heavily pigmented holo polishes, does dry a bit matte. However, one coat of Poshe shines it up perfectly. Another up side to this one, aside from the fact that its gorgeous, is that it dries incredibly fast! Hope you gals enjoyed :)


Teresa said...

How does this compare to the OPI My Private Jet? (the holo formula)

Casey said...

What a gorgeous color. I love that it isn't sheer and will not require more than two coats! Thanks for the great pictures.

Marie said...

I love it! The perfect substitute for My Private Jet? :)

Lucy said...

I have it on my list to order. It is so glittery.

Lina-Elvira said...

Oh I'm enjoying it alright!! :D Looks gorgeous on you, which makes me wish H2T would hurry up and send my order already!! :O

Hillary said...

Teresa: It's hard to describe the difference between this one and MPJ, but they are quite different on the nail. I think the answer is to do comp shots of the two, which i will try to do for you ASAP!

Casey: That's one of the biggest differences between this and MPJ, i've always had to layer MPJ over a black creme to get it opaque enough for me.

Marie: Not necessarily a substitute, like i responded to Teresa, they are quite different. I love them all to be honest :)

Lucy & Lina-Elvira: You definitely won't regret purchasing this one, it is fabulous!

Jason said...

I agree, this is so much more even and satisfying a color than my old time favorite My Private Jet.

...and I hadn't even gotten over OPI discontinuing that one yet1

Olga said...

OMG! it's the gorgeousness! i kid you not i just got mine, it is in a little box that i put in the trunk of my car when i went to the Post Office during luch hour.

I wish i could leave work RIGHT NOW go home and put that on my nails...i can't wait.

Unknown said...

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