Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crystal File 039: NOTD Essie Sexy Divide, New for Winter 2008

Well, anyone who knows my polish tendencies also knows that i love purple polish. Purple is possibly my favorite polish color category, and i am loving all the new additions to my purple stash this season! Essie Sexy Divide has most definitely jumped right to the top of my purple favorites list. It is purple perfection in a bottle! Gorgeous shimmer, deep vampy color, and it GLOWS purple (in other words it won't be mistaken for black!). And i have to say, application was incredible. Now, on to the pics!





This collection is evidently showing up in some retail locations in advance of its November 1st release date. I found the display at my local Trade Secret, and promptly grabbed four of the colors, so i'll be sharing more of them with you soon! That is, if i can convince myself to take Sexy Divide off, which may be difficult :)


Lola said...

whoa i wasn't expecting to see essie winter collection swatches anytime soon. i can't want to see your other three nail polishes swatches from essie winter collection.

Siobhan said...

Just gorgeous, Hill. Thanks for showing us this one!

vampyvarnish said...

WOW ok that definitely lived up to my expectations!

Scrangie said...

*falls over dead*


Grace said...

Soooo freakin' pretty! Thanks for the pics!

I cannot wait to see the other colors you have. Please swatch soon!

Anna said...

pretty color! how would you compare it to misa's fatal affair/attraction?

Hillary said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments! I'm planning to do NOTDs with each of the other three colors i picked up for the next few days, so stay tuned.

Anna- This one is a brighter purple, less eggplant based. Shimmer in SD is also more purple and magenta than the blue in FA. If you love purple, you need this one :)

Tifflet said...

Absolutely smashing! I, too, love the purple! This one is a must-have. Thanks Hill!

moonlight said...

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