Friday, October 3, 2008

Crystal File 040: NOTD Essie Rock Star Skinny, From the Winter 2008 collection

The next installment in my chronicles of the new Essie Winter collection. Rock Star Skinny is an awful name, in my opinion, i absolutely hate it. Typing the name makes me want to barf a little, BUT it is quite a lovely color.

On the nail this polish makes me think of dark chocolate covered cherries, a very deep burgundy bordering on brown. It has a very soft metallic aspect in some lights due to subtle silvery shimmer. Application was fairly smooth, although i did find the formula a bit thick. I don't adore this one as much as Sexy Divide, but it is pretty none-the-less.

Pics are in varying degrees of sunlight, since the sun was ducking behind the clouds. I've ranged them from brightest sunlight, to least, with a brightly lit closeup at the end to showcase the subtle silvery shimmer.





I'm thinking my next installment will be Damsel in a Dress, which reminds me of OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight if it had a bit of red added. Check back soon!


Grace said...

I dunno how I feel about that color, I think I thought it would be darker. It's still nice though. Thanks for swatchin'! :)

diann_co said...

Pretty! In some pics it reminds me of S'OPI I'm with Brad?

Milla said...

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