Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crystal File 047: Let's Catch Up!

I have been remiss in my posting responsibilities! I do apologize, my sweet readers, for my negligence.

First I'd like to share with you the lovely Borghese Bella Blackberry. This is such a beautiful color, and the formula itself is quite nice, but the brush, ARG! The Borghese brush is slightly wider than the OPI Pro-wide, and curved across the tip to mimic the natural curve at the base of the nail. My problem with it is that it doesn't seem to distribute the polish evenly. Additionally, almost every bottle of Borghese I've purchased and swatched has had a slightly off-kilter brush, which makes it difficult to get the brush to work as it supposed to. All that said, however, this color is most certainly worth it!



The next polish I'd like to share with you instantly rose to the ranks of my top twenty polishes ever. OPI DS Extravagance is absolutely heavenly! Application was smooth as silk, the formula flowed beautifully from the brush, the pigmentation of the base is incredible, and the holo effect is magnificent. I adore this polish. I will be needing a back-up bottle immediately. Enough said, onto the photos!







Well, those are the lovelies for this post! I'm hoping Zoya Flourish will arrive soon so i can share those with you. And there are dozens of other polishes i should swatch for you, simply so i can stay caught up! A true Nail Polish addict's work is never done! Until next time, my sweeties :)


Katee said...

I love OPI Designer Series!

Lina-Elvira said...

I LOVE Extravagance too :) I got it a couple of months ago when it came out, I've worn it so much I'm down to half a bottle already! :) Your swatches are as awesome as this polish too! :)

diann_co said...

PRETTY! You should try Extravagance over the BB, on my monitor they sur elook compatible

Anonymous said...

Such glittery beauty i could weep. Seriously.

Sanna said...

Wow gorgeous!

vampyvarnish said...

Wow I love Extravagance, REALLY pretty.

picsbyrachel said...

Wow!! I am in love with Extravagance! it looks amazing!!

Pinky said...

You are evil!! Extravagance is the first polish I have officially lemminged [that has got to be wrong] since July!
My poor wallet is giving you da finger =)~

The Asian Girl said...

Extravagance has my heart...i thought i loved Chanel's Kaleidoscope, but no...Extravagance reminded me why i love nail polish so much

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