Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crystal File 028: NOTD OPI You Don't Know Jacques

Well, if my readers have learned anything at all about me over the past few weeks, its that i'm not much of a creme polish gal. However, I couldn't resist the grungey allure of You Don't Know Jacques. So i made a compromise. By adding a small amount of OPI Pearls Night Out to You Don't Know Jacques, i was able to create a simple "frankened" version of You Don't Know Jacques incorporating subtle shimmer.

Here are a few pics of the resulting polish, which i'll call Jacques Night Out. Still the same base tone, a stoney taupe that reminds me of modeling clay, but with the addition of soft, glowy shimmer.




I also purchased Parlezvous OPI yesterday, and frankened it in a similar fashion. I promise pics soon!


fiftycenthead said...

I love you for making this shimmery!

Anonymous said...

Wow! that looks so beautiful, i just got my IDKJ and i can't wait to try it. I guess you could also add a bit of shimmer with ChG holographic top coat or Fairy Dust.

Anonymous said...

Great color mix!

fauxfun said...

Bravo! That looks very nice... I don't know if I can commit with a franken, like you, so I admire your creation! Maybe I'll try it in an empty bottle... ;)

Hillary said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments! I'm glad you all like the frankened version :)

Sanna said...

that's so cool! i love it!