Monday, September 22, 2008

Crystal File 035: A quick NOTD, Zoya Anastasia

Zoya Anastasia is one of those fabulous colors that defy classification. Add incredible bronze-gold shimmer to a rich pink-plum base, and Anastasia is the result. In full sunlight it is a glowing metallic, in more subtle, indoor lighting the lovely plum base steals the show.

First up, full sun:




And indirect sunlight:



My conclusion: this is a wonderful shade for fall. The soft plum base and warm metallic glow fit perfectly with fashion and nail trends for fall.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I'll see you again soon!


Emelie said...

This is an amazing color! I just love it. I think it's my favorite from Zoya.

Sanna said...

I already knew I wanted Anastasia. It's been on my list like forever but I haven't got i yet! Now I feel like I need it even more! It's sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

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