Friday, September 26, 2008

Crystal File 037: Zoya Flourish Preview, Winter 08/09

I am so excited for this collection! A beautiful purple, a fabulous vampy, shimmery berry-reds, i am drooling! Hopefully the real thing will be available to me soon, so i can share swatch pics and get you gals prepped for mucho purchasing :)


I haven't been given the actual release date yet, but as soon as i know, you shall as well!


vampyvarnish said...

Ooohhh Zara and Kalista are already calling my name for sure!

Anonymous said...

I was so annoyed after my last order with the 'free' polish that ended up costing me $.95 more than it would have been with a normal order, but these colours are really calling to me. They're gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with us!