Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crystal File 005: Misa Fall teaser, Toxic Seduction!!

Wowza, this is an amazing color for fall! Darkest blackened green base infused with delicious emerald micro-shimmer.....LOVE! And as with every Misa i own, it applied super smooth, and the brushes never disappoint :)




I absolutely can not wait to get my hands on this entire collection. Any of you who know me from MUA's Nail Board know that i am a die-hard Misa fanatic. And these colors are right up my alley. So delectably dark and shimmery, i am in heaven :)

Keep checking back for pics of the rest of the collection!


Roberta S. said...

Love your new blog. I'm very excited for this color. Love the dark greens. I am very tempted to get this entire Misa collection. I'm also from the Philadelphia area, do you have any recommendations for nail supply places off the usual beaten track?

Sanna said...

Oh, It's so awesome! *love* I can't wait until H2T have this collection up. This "polish fall" rocks!

Sminkan said...

Yes! I am waiting too! They all look great but Toxic Seduction is perfect for me!

Hillary said...


There are several great Nail Supply stores in S. Philly on Washington Ave. PA Nail Supply and New World Nail Supply are my favorites, and New World carries Misa. Other than those i generally have to satisfy myself with Sallys, Ulta, or shopping online. Hope this info helps :)

Hillary said...

Sanna and Sminkan, i'm so glad you like this one, i'm hoping it'll be out soon :)

Anonymous said...

...just wanted to say and that I love your short, stylish nails. It's the way dark color is meant to be shown!

The new polish bloggers are giving me (nail color addicts) something to look forward to on a daily basis and that is a big imporvement over those that have been around a few years and seem to rarely post unless it's about themselves anymore. Welcome.

Scrangie said...

Isn't it amazing? *deep sigh* Sooooo gorgeous.