Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crystal File 024: Misa Forbidden Lust

Anyone who knows me well will already know of my adoration for all polishes purple. I'm a total sucker for them! Vampy purples, warm mid-toned shimmery purples, luscious neon purples, i am so there!

Well, this newest Misa purple is no exception, i knew i needed it the moment i heard about its release. Boy am i ever glad to have it as an addition to my purple collection! As always the Misa quality is awesome, brush, formula, application, all lovely. And this purple absolutely glows from within, such a beauty. So, without further delay, i give you Forbidden Lust!






Isn't it a beauty? I adore the fall, particularly when the nail polish manufacturers kindly provide us with many rich and vibrant jewel toned colors to choose from. I'll take one of each, thank you!


"Hailey" @CasualLavish.com said...

psst you've been mentioned somewhere :D

Lina-Elvira said...

I want to NOT love this collection by Misa as I can't get it in the UK but everyone is making it very hard for me... :) Lovely pics! I like your swatches a lot cause you have short nails like me :) Keep up the great stuff!

Hillary said...

Lina, thanks so much! I enjoy being able to put these pics out there for all you gals :)

Sanna said...

OMG It's so gorgeous!