Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crystal File 009: NOTD OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not

My pick as the #1 color from the OPI fall/winter 2008 "La Collection De France". This polish is such a vibrant, rich color. Its purple, but leans towards plum in warmer lighting conditions (for example those in my pics). The shimmer is subtle, but ads the perfect "glow" to this polish in any light. I absolutely can not stop staring at this polish on my nails. I would say this color is just perfect for any purple polish lover :)

All photos were taken indoors, in early morning sunlight. It is difficult for me to capture purples accurately, and this one was no exception. It is definitely more purple than it appears in my pics, but at least these will give you some idea of how rich this color is.




I've got a ton of goodies arriving in short order (can you say RODEO! Yee-haw!) and i hope to share them with you, so keep checking back my lovelies!


jeaniebeanie said...

I just bought the mini pack of the fall '08 colors because I couldn't decide. I love that deep purple color and fortunately it's one of the colors in the pack. I would've bought the whole collections if I could have.

Hillary said...

I'm already thinking i need one or two mor of the colors, plus a back-up of Louvre! It really is just stunning IRL, at least in my humble opinion :)

Sanna said...

It looks stunning on you!

WackyRedhead aka Holly said...

Hi! Love the blog. First time commenter, been reading your blog for YEARS! ;) Congrats on the new blog, and I too love Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not. I have it on now, thanks to being a very BAD girl at Trade Secret. :)