Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crystal File 016: NOTD Zoya Rihana

What a great fall color! Zoya introduced Rihana as part of their new Pulse collection for Fall this year, and i am certainly impressed! Application was fantastic, super smooth, and i love Zoya's brush! I find myself drawn to Zoya not only because of i like the formula and brush, but also because they have tons of great colors, and their bottles are so elegant. I've swatched all of the colors from this collection, and i have to say i didn't find a dud in the bunch, they're all so pretty!

Here are a few shots of the lovely Rihana in morning sunlight (indoors).







I'm also test-driving the Zoya Color Lock system, and so far so good. I had a few bubbles in the armor top coat, but nothing i haven't experienced with all of my other top coats this time of year. I did put Seche Vite on top of Armor and then followed up with the Hurry Up drops, i just don't trust myself not to screw up a perfect mani without my SV.

If you get an opportunity to try it, you should also give the Qtica Cuticle Repair Balm, which is so rich and soothing. I've tried it a few times since yesterday, and my cuticles look so incredibly smooth, and feel so silky! I don't particularly care for the scent, but I'm willing to ignore that if i get such beautiful results.

I'll be sharing many more of the Zoya, Misa, and China Glaze fall collection colors over the next few weeks, so check back if there's one i haven't gotten to yet.


Scrangie said...

The Qtica balm is the BEST. It's such a hidden gem, I would have never noticed it if it hadn't been recommended to me!

Hillary said...

It really is fabulous, it is so rich! This little jar could last forever because you need such a tiny amount :)

Sminkan said...

I ordered both Pulse and Vibe yesterday. Love Zoya! Love the colors!