Friday, August 8, 2008

Crystal File 011: Minimize the Mess in Your Purse with Multi-Purpose Items

If you're a pack-rat like me, then you probably have half a dozen lip balms, another half dozen glosses and lipsticks, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, cuticle balm, gum, altoids, a blush, a powder, a couple of eye shadows, lip-liner, mascara, all crammed into your purse! When you add to that all the odd bits of paper, receipts, a wallet, a note-pad,'re talking about a serious mess. So, here are a couple of items that can serve multiple purposes, and hopefully eliminate a few items in your bag.

Badger Lip and Body Balm: Comes in a traditional chapstick like tube or a nifty little tin. All Badger products are now USDA certified organic, which is one reason to love this balm. The reason i adore these balms is they go on super smooth, and since they're naturally scented and contain very little in the way of flavoring, they really can be used anywhere! This is a perfect on the go product not only for lips, but also for dry cuticles and flaky elbows. These balms consist of Olive Oil, golden beeswax, and a few other natural ingredients depending on the scent/flavor you choose. It comes in Vanilla Madagascar, Pink Grapefruit, Lavender & Orange, Tangerine Breeze, Ginger & Lemon, Highland Mint (my favorite), and Unscented. You can view the full line of Badger products at .

Burt's Bees Miracle Salve: Another multi-purpose wonder, this unscented moisturizing balm is intended to soothe any dry skin area (I've used it on hands, lips, elbows, and feet), and can also be used to smooth fly-aways! You don't need hand lotion, cuticle balm, and lip balm if you have this handy tin in your purse!

Stila Convertible Color: This is a marvelous product for any woman on the go. Adds buildable color to lips and cheeks, eliminating the need for tons of lip sticks and blushers in you bag! It also comes in a variety of colors to suit any skin tone. I love that it gives a dewy, flushed look, very young a fresh. It also comes in a great little compact with a mirror, for application anywhere. Definitely a must to make space in your purse :)

Hope you all find these suggestions useful! I know they aren't nail focused, but now and again even the biggest nail-o-phile has to venture into other territory. Helps keep things interesting.


psychoswim said...

Awesome tips! Where can you get Badger and Stila products? And what color do you prefer? Think i'll go shopping next week in the US :)

Hillary said...

Hey girl! You can get Badger problems at markets like Whole Foods, Fresh Fields, and some Ultas carry a limited selection too. Stila can be found at Sephora and some high-end department stores. Hope this helps!

Shammy said...

Hey You! I finally made it over here lol!Everything looks Great! I just got my first Stila convertible color (a split)I might try it tomorrow :)

see ya on the NB

Sanna said...

Great tips:)
OMG the Badger Lip Balm Sticks are so cute! I'm in love with teir website and products! I wish they shipped to sweden:/